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Proprietor, Sole Proprietor

Okay, that heading isn’t quite as catchy as Bond, James Bond, but it is very exciting to me!

I’m happy to say that I have made progress in my goal to set up a small business. I find this sort of thing a bit tricky – all the forms and the figuring out what I need to do – but I have to say, the BC Provincial Government site OneStop BC Business Registry made life so much easier.  I was able to figure out what I needed to register for, and then register from the site.  The site gives lots of links to helpful publications, and I feel confident that I have completed everything that I need to run my own small business.  Yay!!

Now I’m dealing with the detail stuff – business cards, packaging and stamps.  The business cards are done, and I’m really happy with them. I had them printed by Moo and the quality is lovely.  Packaging has proved to be a little trickier, as I’m trying to find something fairly flat and sturdy for mailing (to keep postal costs low) but available from Canada.  The stamps are very exciting, but I have to learn how to use them.  I now have a .925 metal stamp, and somewhere in the Canada Post system is a metal stamp with my initials – should be here next week (I keep wanting to say “Yay!”).  Now I can finish off my jewellery in a more professional fashion, having identified it as sterling silver and made by me.  And the yays just keep coming!

Twisty Tree Artworks business cards

Twisty Tree Artworks business cards

Once the stamp arrives, it’ll be studio time… So looking forward to it!

I know what you’re expecting, and I don’t want to disappoint… Yay!!


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