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I’m ready for my close-up…

Holidays are wonderful things.  Getting something done that you’ve been putting off for ages… well that’s just excellent!  With help (and some of her photos – thanks!!) from Bo, I have posted some new photos of jewellery that are in my personal collection.  There are still more pieces to be photographed, but it’s a good start.

Dee photographing jewellery

Me photographing jewellery

Hidden jewellery

Hidden jewellery waiting for its turn

I did learn an important fact – no matter how interesting the location, sometimes it is too busy looking for photos.  Can you spot the earrings?

Can you find the earrings?

Can you spot the earrings?


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I have holiday brain…

… so this may be a rather rambling post.  I’m coming to the end of a very relaxing week of vacation, and I’m feeling well-rested and content.

I’ve spent some time this week looking through books on jewellery making and getting excited about going back to the basics – I’ve gotten quite lazy with aspects of jewellery making – I don’t remember the last time I set a stone, and I have some gorgeous stones waiting to become part of a piece of jewellery.  A few ideas have already been sketched out… Yay!  We also took some photos of my jewellery on the beach and other locales.  Once the pictures get edited (gack!) I’ll be posting them.

We spent some time at Qualicum Beach and visited a wonderful shop called Let’s Knit!  I found some fabulous roving there – hand-dyed and a very different texture from what I already own.

Happy new roving

Happy new roving

Although I had brought a healthy selection of roving to work with, I thought I should start with the local stuff.  This is the beginning of an experiment…

An experiment

An experiment

I’m working on silk chiffon and plan to wet felt it (Nuno felting), but rather than place loose bits of roving on the chiffon and wet felt it right away (hoping desperately for a non-windy day or the roving tends to fly), I needle felted it first, and have let the needles ruche the fabric.  When I get home I will wet felt it and then start working into it properly.  I look forward to seeing what it becomes, texture and image-wise!  I consider this just the primer… many more layers to follow!


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