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I Procrastinate Therefore I Am…

I am all about the procrastination… anyone else the same?  I’ve been procrastinating writing about my finished needle felting because the pictures weren’t adequate.  Have I taken new pictures?  Not yet, but now I’m procrastinating on a different matter, so I’m writing about needle felting.

My last post was about a day of wet/Nuno felting.  I did one test strip, two larger pieces, and worked on a sample I had previously needle felted.  The one piece that I have completed from that day was for the annual art show at my office. Although the piece has sold, I’m hoping to take it out for an artsy photo shoot before it goes to its new home.

On that note, here is a question for fibre artists – what sort of tricks do you have to photograph your work?  I have been having a lot of trouble getting a true colour image, as well as an image that has any sort of depth.  I have tried photographing at different times of day, with direct and indirect sunlight, as well as in fluorescent lighting.

Here is the progression of “Chimerical”:

And here is the final (non-artsy) picture:



I have added some new dates for workshops on my classes page – pumpkin making is coming up later this month.  Call the Beehive Wool Shop to sign up.


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