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2020 – So long… farewell

You know you’ve been away from your website for a long time when you don’t recognize any of the screens because the system has updated (probably multiple times). Sigh. I’ll try to do better.

At the start of a new year, reflection on the past year is almost inevitable, as is looking forward. We all know that 2020 has been a truly strange year that has impacted people in so many different and profound ways. In a year that found me spending more time at home than ever before, I would have expected a burst of productivity and creativity, but it has been completely the opposite. I feel the need to change that.

I’ve always had a fear of sketchbooks – really any notebook. That first pen mark felt so important – if my name was not written just right, it tainted the whole book and I didn’t want to use it (yes, I have many empty notebooks with only my name in them). Sketchbooks were a double whammy – I didn’t just worry over the first pen mark, but trying to get past insecurities over my lack of drawing skills.

In past years I have participated in several Instagram challenges for jewellery making, but I rarely finish them. This year I thought I would go a different route. I noticed that a lots of artists choose a word or concept to focus on or guide them through their year of creativity.

I’ve been working my way through a series of free mini classes from Carla Sonheim’s Presents online classes site – they are the “Best of” Lessons from their teachers, celebrating their 10 year anniversary. I first learned about the site from an artist at a show I participated in, and I like the quirkiness, lightness, and even silliness of many of the offered classes (several are free). As I watch, the word that keeps jumping into my brain is play. Sounds so easy, but I find it tricky. 

I watched Lynn Whipple’s List Painting class (part of the 10 year anniversary class), and decided the exercise she taught would be a good way to focus my thoughts on the word(s) I would choose. I have not yet created the painting, but I have been brainstorming on what is creatively important to me right now.

Could I narrow this collection of words down to just one for the year? Nope – I like lists, and I’m always over-wordy. So my list:

  • Abandon – as in “to create with abandon”
  • Permission – permission to play – not everything has to be perfect or ready for sale – playing is important
  • Mark-making – just make marks – there are no wrong marks – I will not break the sketchbook
  • Exploration / Experimentation – I put these together as they feel similar – explore new mediums – experiment with layers and how different mediums work together. Add and subtract materials, stop worrying about the end result – enjoy the journey
  • Learning – watch and learn from what others do, take classes (online these days). Don’t just watch, do!
  • Play – that had to be part of the list – just have fun with it all!

I’m always thinking about jewellery/artwork I could post on social media (for me that is just Instagram) to keep my page current and engaging. I find that limiting, as it changes my reasons for creating, and I start stressing about what people will think. This list, while it will impact the work I share, is focused on the work that is not shared – what I do to increase my confidence, skills and knowledge creatively, while having fun.

As I have done nothing artsy, I have nothing to share, but I will include a picture of my cat, because why wouldn’t I?? Sadly I lost my beautiful dear Smudge at the beginning of this year, and by mid-March I was going a bit crazy without feline companionship. Happily I was able to bring Sally into my home just as the pandemic was shutting everything down – she can be a monster, but I love her.

I wish you creative days and all the good things that are out there, and hope this year brings everyone some joy – it’s well deserved.


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Smart, she is…

That’s my tribute to Star Wars… The ring tone on my phone is also Yoda… it makes me laugh when it doesn’t surprise me and freak me out. 😮

So you’re probably wondering who the “she” in the title is – it’s my sister, Laurel. She wrote a post for BlogHer, which got me thinking about this blog.  When I first started this website/blog, I had to give a lot of thought as to its purpose.  What I came up with was using it as motivation to produce.  I used the words “guilt and shame” in my first blog entry – if you’ve told people you’re going to do something, it’s harder to let it slip away. I think Laurel’s word – accountability – puts a bit more of a positive spin on it.

Over the past 14 months, I’ve noticed a decline in my posting, and unfortunately that means two things – 1) I haven’t been producing as much, and 2) when I do produce, I’m forgetting to write about it.

I’m not a person who make resolutions – I never keep them, and who wants to feel bad about failing?  I will, however, work on this whole accountability thing, by putting a thought out there.  Something I’ve been thinking about doing, and have been putting off, is creating items and posting them to sell.  I don’t know if this website or a link to Etsy would be the route to go, but it’s something for me to start figuring out.

So, that’s me, contemplating the fresh new year.  I hope it brings you joy and contentment!

I leave you with some of my latest work, which I had a lot of fun making.  Take care all!

Wedding rings - these were intimidating to make!

Wedding rings – these were intimidating to make!

Rose quartz and sterling silver earrings.

Rose quartz and sterling silver earrings.

This pendant was in memory of a dear dog, Dasha.

This pendant was in memory of a dear dog, Dasha.

Turquoise and sterling silver bracelet - this is now a pendant.

Turquoise and sterling silver bracelet – this is now a pendant.

Lava and sterling silver pendant

Lava and sterling silver pendant


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