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Time for a refresh

Update time!

Vacations get me all fired up to be creative, but alas, during the last week of my holiday I fell and sprained my thumb.  Sigh.  It is, of course, the thumb on my dominant hand.  I’ve been getting very antsy about not doing anything creative, but I have come to realize that maybe I need to turn my thoughts to what I can do, rather than focus on what I can’t.  I decided this week that it was time for a bit of a website overhaul, and so it has begun.  You won’t find any “construction zone” blank pages – I’ll just start making little changes here and there.

Please let me know your thoughts on the changes, and especially let me know if something isn’t working.  Hopefully this will be a fairly smooth transition.

Thanks for all your support!  Here is a picture of Smudge helping me needle felt (which I can do for short amounts of time).

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It’s a funny thing…

Did you know that you can wipe up exploded fabric paint from the floor, the table, the cat’s plastic place mat, the counter top and the cupboards, but oddly enough, it doesn’t come off of fabric… Sigh… ah well… live and learn (it’s not like the name “fabric paint” didn’t give me a few clues!). 😀

The happy news is that I have finished my iPad mini cover… Yay!  It went through quite a few versions, but I think I like this one.  It is a bit of an experiment – hopefully it will hold up to the rigours of being hauled around in my chaotic purse.  I didn’t save all the versions as some were pretty unfortunate, but here is a mini retrospective…

Original cuteness, the blackout, the backgrounding and the flower explosions

Original cuteness, the blackout, the backgrounding and the flower explosions

And here is the final product – there is a bit of a glare due to the fact that I used some shiny and pearly paint:

Completed iPad case

Completed iPad mini cover



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