Mmmm… Pears

It’s time for another workshop!  On May 28th I’ll be teaching a workshop on how to make needle-felted pears at the Beehive Wool Shop.  The shape is not too difficult, so we should be able to spend a little extra time layering fibres to produce shading.  Pears have so many amazing colours and shapes – I’m really looking forward to this class!  Space is limited, so contact the Beehive Wool Shop to reserve a spot.

Needle felted pears

Needle felted pears



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4 Responses to Mmmm… Pears

  1. Bonnie

    Very inspiring!!

  2. So beautiful! Nicely done on the shading – I showed the Instagram pic to P, and at first he thought they were real!

    • dee

      Thank you! And thank P – that’s always encouraging to hear! I think I’ll be making lots more of these… They’re fun!

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