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I’m ready for my close-up…

Holidays are wonderful things.  Getting something done that you’ve been putting off for ages… well that’s just excellent!  With help (and some of her photos – thanks!!) from Bo, I have posted some new photos of jewellery that are in my personal collection.  There are still more pieces to be photographed, but it’s a good start.

Dee photographing jewellery

Me photographing jewellery

Hidden jewellery

Hidden jewellery waiting for its turn

I did learn an important fact – no matter how interesting the location, sometimes it is too busy looking for photos.  Can you spot the earrings?

Can you find the earrings?

Can you spot the earrings?


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So excited!

Photos… GOOD photos are so important, and I think they are something that many artists struggle with… I know that I certainly do!

I’ve been reading blogs for tips on building a light box/white box so that photos can be consistent in terms of lighting and quality.  I found several using a large cardboard box that would probably have worked well, however there is the problem of storage.  I’m quite sure that Smudge (aka the Princess of Darkness aka the cat who is more than happy to “help” with any crafty endeavour) would be thrilled to have a new cardboard box to destroy, er, play with, but that defeats the whole pristine photo environment.

Periodically I check on UsedVictoria.com for those hard to find items, and, as often happens, they came through!  I found a portable studio and lighting kit – it has its own lights incorporated into it, and it folds up into a large briefcase-like case.  It is the dearest thing!  I haven’t taken photos of it or in it yet, but hopefully will do so over the next few days.  Stay tuned for some (hopefully!) professional-ish portfolio shots.  Fingers crossed!

Smudge in a box

Smudge in a box


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