This is the end… of my vacation

That’s right… the trip has ended. It’s always tough to reach the end of the vacation, but it’s also lovely to be home with a very needy cat and some fresh clothes.

The journey from Winnipeg to Vancouver went well – we even got to be door monitors on the train – we learned how to open the doors in case of emergency. When the air conditioning stopped for a few minutes, we were tempted!

I won’t yap on and on (for once!), but will end this trip journal with photos. I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on ideas and happenings, but those are for another post…


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4 Responses to This is the end… of my vacation

  1. Diane Cliffe

    I thoroughly enjoyed your travelogue. Welcome home, and thank you for taking me along with you!

    • dee

      Glad you came along and glad you enjoyed! I wowed all of the brothers with the lightbulb trick, so thatnks to Jim, too!

  2. So sorry it’s over – but glad you got to experience so many wonderful things! Give Smudge a pat for me (since I know I’d never be able to do so myself!) and enjoy being back in your own space.

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