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Everything’s coming up sparkles!

Everything in my world is sparkly right now… the floor, the counter, me, the cat…  It’s a little bit crazy!  But I’ve had a lot of fun working on the tree.  The clay that I added cracked a bit while it dried, but instead of filling it in with more clay, I went the route of loading the tree up with paint, gloss and sparkles.  Then I sprinkled more sparkles on it.  Sensing a theme?  Some of the cracks still show, but that’s what twisty lighting is for.  Now I guess I need to make more ornaments for it…

Sparkle close-up

Sparkle close-up

Lit and sparkled tree

Lit and sparkled tree


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Air dry clay is fun… so far

One of the things I really like about teaching workshops is the preparation.  Handouts, little bags of supplies, table decor… such fun to put together!

When I found out I would be doing a Christmas ornament workshop, I immediately went to a second-hand store to look for a tree to hang the decorations on. Being that it was July at the time, I was surprised to actually find one.  It was a little sad-looking (and still is!) but I’m trying to make it fit in with what my brain is visualizing.

The tree is wire, and I want it dripping with sparkles. I tried slathering on sparkle paint and sparkle glue, but it wasn’t as textured as I wanted.  What to do, what to do…

Enter air dry clay.  I had worked with it a little bit for one of my costumes (the steam in the teacup), and thought it might be just what I needed.  When in college, working with clay was not something I excelled at.  I think my mom has the few items that weren’t “accidentally” broken… truly they are items only a mother could love!

But this was different… This was building on an existing form.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it before I started working on it, but here it is in progress:

Tree in progress

Tree in progress

Once it dries, I’ll try painting it with sparkles again… Hopefully it works out!  I will post a finished picture if successful.


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