Khaki no more

I’ve had more adventures with fabric paint, as well as some fabric markers that I’ve never used before.

As a birthday present for Bo, a friend and I went in on a fabulous Needles & Things canvas tote bag.  I would link to the site, but sadly it is no more.  This bag is very expandable with a lot of storage.  Bo had given both of us one of these bags, but hadn’t picked up one for herself when she had the opportunity.  I’ve filled mine with all my viking knit supplies, and there is still so much room… love it!

The downside of the bag?  The lack of colour choice – there is blue and there is khaki.  Well, it’s not a downside to everyone, but to colourful people it is a problem.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to get the blue, so out came the paints!

After a few layers of base fabric paint, I started to paint on some designs.  Once there was no sign of khaki, I started adding details.  When both sides were dry, I got out the Uchida DecoArt fabric pens and started to draw.  I love these pens… they are one of my new favourite things.  It was so nice not to have to outline  with a steady hand (which I do not have) and a brush, or by squeezing out a line of paint.  The squeezing works, but it creates a raised outline, and on a bag that will be rubbing against fabric I worry that it will catch and peel.  After outlining, I got out the fabric markers, which were quite sheer.  I used them to highlight and shadow.

I’m hoping the paint will be durable… I’ve told Bo that she knows where to find me if touch-ups are needed… Here’s hoping that the fabric stands up to the wear and tear of use!


Bottom view

Bottom view

What are your experiences with fabric paint?  Success?  Disaster?  Somewhere in between?


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  1. Bonnie

    Bo would have loved this super duper organizer even if it were khaki coloured…but after Dee’s artistic application of paint, Bo hardly has words to describe how much she ADORES it!!!

  2. It’s gorgeous! You are so talented!

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