If at first you don’t succeed…

Because of the workshops I’ve been teaching, I’ve been pretty focussed on needle felting lately. I think it’s time to start pondering jewellery for a while.

I created a pendant for the art show that was held at my work, and it wasn’t at all what I wanted it to be – partly due to running out of time, partly due to many of the beads I wanted to use crumbling when I tried to thread them on the wire. This is a sketch of what I was thinking of creating, and then what it turned out to be.

Rough necklace sketch

Rough necklace sketch

What is was

What is was

It is titled “Reef”, and I wanted to have coral beads for the chain part of the necklace. It did end up with coral beads, but not in the way I intended. When it came back from the show, I stripped the beads off of it, and this is what I’m left with.

What it is now

What it is now

I think I will try to go back to a version of the original intent, although I have a few things to figure out – whether to use only coral or to incorporate other beads, multi-strand the whole thing or just portions, make it short or long… the list could go on forever! Or maybe it will be something quite different… who knows!  I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

I have realized that I have been very lax about documenting jewellery I have made for myself.  Must get on this!


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6 Responses to If at first you don’t succeed…

  1. Bo

    Wow…it’s like seeing inside the brain of an artist. Impressive…a tad scary…but more impressive than scary!!

    • dee

      People have mentioned in the past that I have a scary brain (you may have been one of them… heehee!)… Good thing I only did a jewellery related brain dump 🙂

  2. I love seeing the process of how a design comes together. You are rather amazing!

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