I think it’s me…

Finally… I have now unboxed and setup/taken down my new-to-me photo booth.  It is wonderful – somewhat time-consuming to set up, but very easy.  I think I’ll be using it a lot!

Portable studio

Portable studio

Now my next dilemma – the actual photographs.  I’d really like to blame my camera for the quality of the close-ups, but I’m afraid that this time the blame is on me.  I think it’s time to read up on how to take clear close-ups – the camera does great zooming in on something far away, but up close (zoomed or not) it gets very blurry.  It was, however, lovely to not see the “you’re not holding the camera steady enough for the low light” display come up – the light box is light enough… yay!

The photos I took today were of jewellery I worked on yesterday.  I continue trying to make jewellery out of scraps that I have, rather than buying new supplies (except wire – sometimes you just need wire!).  These were pendants in memory of dear cats.  Whenever my friend Bo has to say goodbye to one of her companions, I make a piece of jewellery in memory of them.  It’s been a rough couple of months, and she has had to say goodbye to two.

Sumato was a rescue cat from Mexico… he was a handsome and chatty little prince of cat, with a tendency to “claim” the items around him – I have called this simple piece “Mio Mio Mio!” (Mine Mine Mine) in memory.

Mio Mio Mio!

Mio Mio Mio!



Toby was my boy.  Not literally, but I adored him like he was.  Bo called him her first-born, as he was her first rescue cat of many.  I have so many memories of him sneezing catnip onto me, climbing on me, licking the top of my cleavage or cheek, whining for food in the most pitiful way possible, napping with me, drooling and purring in happiness, and so many more.  He was a very social boy, and would commonly walk up to Bo or I, lift his paws in the air, and cry “up”.  We’d pick him up, throw him over a shoulder, and he would stay there drooling and purring until stretching to get to the next person’s shoulder.  He loved everyone.  I call both of these “Up” (but they could also be called “Drool”… heehee!).  This is the second time I’ve made a piece of jewellery for myself as well as for Bo in memory of one of the cats.

Bo's pendant "Up"

Bo’s pendant “Up”

Dee's pendant "Up"

Dee’s pendant “Up”



They are both very missed, but they were very, very loved.


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8 Responses to I think it’s me…

  1. Bo

    You are the sweetest, most loving person on the planet, Dee – these pieces represent “Toby the First Born” and “Sumato the Latin Stud” so perfectly. And yes…Toby actually WAS your boy…

  2. Dianne

    Such a moving tribute to two beautiful souls. They will be missed but never forgotten. Such a nice keepsake. Big hugs!

    • dee

      Thanks Dianne… We’ve already started thinking about the amusing and/or annoying traits they had, and we’re giggling… A nice place to get to!

  3. Jane Carlson

    Your jewelry in memory of your beloved cats is beautiful. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to those wonderful little 4 legged creatures we are so fortunate to have in our lives, even just for awhile. Thank you for sharing your pics Dee. XO J

  4. Both pendants are lovely, as is the sentiment behind them. So very sorry about the loss of these two wonderful fur-kids. 🙁

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