I organize therefore I am…

Apologies if you are seeing/being notified on this post twice… Something went badly awry, and the posting I had completed went POOF!  Ah well… Maybe I’ll be less verbose this time.

I organize therefore I am, however I don’t maintain very well!  Although I was itching to be creative, household tasks, namely organizing my hallway, took precedence.

My hallway was a mixed up collection of shelves and drawers, all different sizes and messy looking.  The shelves/drawers contained a mixture of fibres, gift wrap/bows, stuff I didn’t want the cat to chew, projects in process, miscellaneous household stuff… Basically everything was there… It definitely needed a tarting up!

May I just say that I love cube shelves?

Tidied hallway

Tidied hallway

I’ve moved all my yummy fibres into my main living space, partly to de-clutter the hallway, partly to help me (hopefully!) maintain the organization.

Yummy fibres

Yummy fibres

More yummy fibres (can you spot the sheep?)

More yummy fibres (can you spot the sheep?)

Now it’s time to relax with a cup of tea, Smudge on my lap, and the Oscars on tv. Hopefully next weekend, or the days leading up to the weekend, will see some creativity… after all, there are flowers to make for upcoming workshops!


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  1. I love the cube shelves – perfect for your hallway! I could use a bunch of those myself, as we seriously need to get on with organizing the stuff in our basement.

    • dee

      They’re great – I already had one set – a 2×3 and a 3×3. I bought one more of each. It’s great because you can change the configuration. Perfect for your basement for that reason… a lot of the larger shelves out there would be too tall (I’m starting to consider myself an expert on cube shelves after checking for secondhand ones and new ones). And they’re easy to put together… Except where I forgot to put in a screw and tried to pick it up… Whoops!

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